In my musing of late…

Since I started my blog (last week), I’ve been conscious that I need to carefully contemplate my next entry. It needs to be something worth writing about, and more importantly, something worth reading about.

As I wrote last week, for me, this blog is a personal, visual history. An online journal of the things I see, which inspire me and push me to try harder.

So here we go. Here is a very small snippet of a few morsels I find inspiring.

Come on. Follow me into my world…..

Mini Size Airmail Envelope

In my hunt for props for some photos I need taking, I came across these mini airmail envelopes. Whatever happened to airmail letters? Bring them back, I say!

Great Kar-mi Circus

Circus posters are a thing of the past, and unlike airmail envelopes, will probably stay that way. Shame really. I’m curious to see what someone looks like swallowing an electric light.

Moleskine Art

Moleskine. The legendary notebook. Used by late, great thinkers and current artists alike. Perfect for capturing moments of penned inspiration. I especially love these Google Street View sketches by Lehell Kolehel. Clever person.

Kiss Card

With a sly nod to the forthcoming day celebrating all things heart-shaped, I stumbled upon this little gem on one of my favourite websites Three Potato Four. Quite delightful.

Although, personally I would prefer an imprint of the lips on my lips, rather than on a piece of card.

Joy The Baker

Joy The Baker. There’s a reason she’s called Joy. Yep, you guessed it. Visit her here to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Vintage Personalised Sign

The colours, the font….hand painted twisty lettering. The seaside memories come surging back. Love it.

These personalised signs are crafted by those talented people at Three Potato Four, to hang stylishly wherever you wish to place them.

Oh, go on then. One more before the weekend….

Water For Elephants

This book first caught my eye on the website **Happiness Is…**. It was given a good review on this site, so I bought myself a copy (a used one, of course….reduce, reuse, recycle and all that) and I, too, am hooked. The only problem is, with two little people under 4 to run around after, one of which seems to survive on irregular amounts of sleep, my eyes don’t stay open long enough to read more than one page at a time. At this rate, I’ll finish it in…..ooh…say….5 years?


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