Colour Me Happy

And they do. They make me very happy. Especially those charming candy shades of peppermint green, blushing pink, vanilla cream and powder blue. And what about those woodland shades…mossy green, saddle brown, slate grey and burnt sienna? Lush. They make me feel like bellyflopping off a plunge board into a great big paddling pool of paint.

Last night, I was experimenting with some colour swatches, looking at different ways of putting together some less-than-obvious choices. I’ll be honest. I didn’t come up with anything revolutionary. That would take a little more allegiance than spending an hour at my Mac, with one eye on my screen and one ear on The Brits. However, I put some swatches together and actually I’m quite happy with them and they make a good starting point for extracting some of the swooshy, flowery patterns I have floating about my head.

Together, they don’t look so great. They’re confusing on the eye, so I’m going to give them some space.

Colour Scheme One

Pink Splatter

Colour Scheme Two

Turquoise Splatter

Colour Scheme Three

Beige Splatter


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