Some nice things to look at on a Friday

I stumbled across some images I’ve been keeping on my computer. I kept them because I liked them and thought I would use them in moments where I’m struggling to come up with something original. The reality is I haven’t looked at them since I stored them away. Some use that theory was. So, instead, I share with you. Voilà.

Live Laugh Leap

I don’t know where I got this image from, but I love it. So simple. If someone reading this knows, please get in touch so I can reference them.

Antique Victorian Calling CardA beautiful antique Victorian calling card design. Amazing penmanship.

Bird DrawingsI think I came across this when I was looking for inspiration for designing my Lovebird logo. Again, sorry for not referencing the source but if anyone can help out on this, please let me know.

Sonoma CountyDreamy Sonoma County in Northern California. Mother to the Mayacamas Mountains and the Sonoma Mountains. I would give my big toe to be bouncing along on a bench seat of an old Chevy pickup, windows down, picnic on board. Yes please.


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