My Ray Of Sunshine.

A little treat popped into my Inbox yesterday. An email from the little ray of sunshine we like to call Badger. She’s not had it easy lately. I won’t go into details – its not my place. Despite this, she still manages to display a sunny disposition. I truly admire people who have this quality. There’s nothing worse than wallowing in self-pity, for the person doing it and for those who surround them. So, she wrote me this lovely mail, of the electronic variety, filled with snippets of news and wondering if there was something up astronomically on Wednesday. I can wholeheartedly confirm that, yes, there was something up because like Badger, I too, lost something on eBay I was chasing. Isn’t it, like, a monumental anti-climax? The adrenalin is pumping. Your heart is beating. FAST. HEAVY. You’re thinking ‘Its gonna be me. I’m going to beat anonymous bidder S*****10’. 3 seconds. 2 seconds. 1 second. Big. Fat. Red. Cross. ‘You have been outbid’. Harumph. Whatever, I didn’t want it anyway.

Back to Badger. She’s done me proud. She’s no longer chasing her dreams, but actually fulfilling them, as we speak. Isn’t that great? I think so. Aaaaand, she says things like ‘bad ju-ju’, which guarantees miles of smiles from the Lovebird, making me realise how much I loves her and how I never tell her. So, Badger, if you’re reading, get the message? *Nod *Nod *Wink *Wink. I dedicate this post to you.

Its a bit early, but since I may not be blogg-a-raming on Sunday, the award for The Lovebird Mummy Of The Year goes to……*awkwardly opening envelope….BADGER! *Global applause. The End.


Image courtesy of Forest Wander. Sketch via Trees For Life

P.S I realise I’m making a big statement dedicating a post to someone, but sometimes, you just have to do these things, otherwise how will anyone know what you think?

P.P.S If my own Mummy is reading, I love you too, I know you know that already x

P.P.P.S My apologies to you for the schmaltzy tone to this blog. I hope I haven’t put you off your sandwiches.


One thought on “My Ray Of Sunshine.

  1. I love your comment about Badger. I think it is great that she is so positive about the future……

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