Inspire. Motivate. Stimulate. Push. Propel. Or stagnate.

Following on from my last post (where I ranted a little. Again. I really didn’t want to have to do that but selfishly, it helped. It really did), the next step of getting myself back in the game is to stick a bit of tinder on the flame. Y’know. I have the spark, its there, but nothing’s smoking yet. So where do I get me some dry, mossy, combustibles from? The question I really want to ask is how do you stay motivated without burning out? (I’m dropping the fire analogies now.)

For the past few weeks, my creative spark has gone astray. I can get it back, I know its not dissolved completely, like a sugar cube suspended in hot, milky coffee. Or. Oh yea, I know. Or, or, or like a McVities Digestive held too long in a cup of tea. (Good one, Vic. Hi-5 atcha). The problem lies in having the motivation to start doing something again. I mean, I’ve had other stuff to focus on. Leaving my job, being one of them. The other kind of major thing is our house renovation. We moved out of our home six months ago and its nearly time to go back. Its not been easy. Oh, and one more thing, my two babies. Yeeeeeah. They kind of wear me out, if I’m honest. So, there, on a plate, are my excuses. Do you buy them? I don’t. I don’t think there are any excuses really. If you’re creative, you’re creative. There’s no getting away from it. I’ve just been lazy. But then, even that doesn’t make sense. If you’re intrinsically creative, you still find ways of expressing yourself, right? Someone out there help me, cos I’m really beating myself up about this. I call myself a creative person, but I feel like a fraud. I started this blog a few months ago on the right foot. I maintained it, I managed to post reguarly. I thought I was past the novelty stage, and as it turns out, maybe I wasn’t. Or maybe, I should just shut up, and move on. I mean, this isn’t my full time job. This isn’t  how I make my living. Its something I do when I have a little bit of spare time. Writing it out like this, makes me realise that I crave for this to be my full time job. I mean, I kind of knew that already. (I can hear my husband in my ear now ‘Its a hobby. If you turn it into your job, it’ll take the enjoyment out of it). I don’t have time for it to be my full time job right now, but eventually, it will be. You know that already, right? Because I wrote about it a few months ago. I know. I’m boring. I talk about the same old thing. Blah Blah Blah.

One other preoccupation I would like to share, is that I would probably describe myself as a person of extremes. When I focus on something, I can’t give it up. I can’t go to bed at night, without dreaming about it. And the extreme at the moment is fitness. When I do make time for myself right now, its to run. Or do yoga. Or some lunges. I mean, its a perfect time of year to do that, and if I’m honest, I think I’d rather be outside enjoying our long evenings, saying hi to all the birdies in the hedges as I wallop past like the BFG in flippers, than sat under the dark stairs at a warm-buzzing-electrical fun box. Its refreshing, mind-clearing and truly liberating. I don’t have to talk to anyone, justify myself, or even think if I don’t want to. Its just me and the beats of the BEP’s.

Back to the point I was trying to make, or rather the question I wanted to ask you. I’m going to open it up to you, my fellow blog friends. How do you stay motivated and consistent without experiencing burnout? I am genuinely curious to find out if I’m on my own here. You can send me your tips or just comment by filling in the comments box at the end of this post. Go on, help an old girl out.


3 thoughts on “Inspire. Motivate. Stimulate. Push. Propel. Or stagnate.

  1. I watch the Hills or the City! Or spend time with people I take inspiration from. I usually catch my reflection in a mirror as I walk past and groan to myself which occasionally motivates me. Generally though, at 7pm I am motivated but at 7am it’s forgotten. xx

  2. Motivate, Inspirate and stimulate.. my favorite words!
    & you like cupcakes, I can totally relate to you!
    I would have to say, that these kind of things (your site) seem to
    do the trick for me.. So thank you for that!
    I always get inspiration from thinking about what I could do, if anything was possible.. and usually I come up with very unrealistic things, but they give me inspiration and motivation for the daily activities.. I like to make lists with things I want to accomplish.. but it’s all about the journey.. the goals are only to keep you going..
    Anyway this sentence really speaks to me: “I call myself a creative person, but I feel like a fraud.” It reminds me of a article I once wrote (for psychology) about the imposter phenomenon. I feel like this myself sometimes.. but the thing is, who decides whether you are creative or not? The only thing you need to do.. is believe in it.. creativity is only going beyond what is commonly know in my opinion.. but there are no rules, so no criteria, so its not possible for you to be a fraud.. My last thought on this.. it never works when you push it too much.. Just watch a good movie, listen to some inspiring music (how about mumford and sons?) or read a nice book.. and i’m sure your creativity will come back to you.. Oh and my last trick when I’m heading towards a burnout.. take a night off, and watch a movie that is really tragic, preferably a real life story.. it helps to put things in perspective..
    That are all my thoughts on the subject.. hope it works for you too.. !!

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