Dear Bella

Dear Bella-In-Ten-Years,

Do you remember when you were 31? Do you? Or shall I remind you? Ok. Here goes.

You went back to work at Christmas, just before you moved out of your house for building work. Is it becoming clear yet? So, you went back to work. Then a month later, work announced that they were making everyone redundant. Yeeeeeees. You remember now, don’t you! Do you remember how you felt? To begin with, you were indifferent. You wanted to help your friends around you, by cheering them up with your baking. You even baked gluten free for the only person in the office! (Despite them being disGUSTing) And then one night, you went to the cinema to see Avatar with Sven. You fell asleep an hour into the film, fidgeted about a bit and then when you decided you couldn’t doze anymore, you sat up to find big, fat, warm tears plonking themselves down my fat cheeks. You didn’t know why – how could you be crying when you have disliked your job for so long? They’re doing you a favour, right? But you weren’t crying because you were upset. You were crying because the decision had been made for you. You were out of control.

Gradually, as the months went by, you turned into a bitter, resentful, unhappy mess. And then one day, the light shone from above, you heard a chorus of singers crooning from behind you, except whenever you turned around to look at them, they weren’t there. You were so wise to realise that it was what they call ‘an epiphany’. Why don’t you just leave? Amazing.

So you did. And it all worked out for the best.

I bet you’re reading this thinking ‘What on earth? How pathetic!’. My, you’ve come so far.

See you soon Bella-In-Ten-Years,

Love Bella-In-The-Present-Twenty-Ten x


3 thoughts on “Dear Bella

  1. This is so true. I can emphasis and sympathize, and wish you everything you deserve in your 30’s. You are worth so much more than this….

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