Never too late.

Every day, I drive around many roundabouts. But there’s one roundabout in particular which never fails to make me smile to myself, and I’d go as far to say, lift my mood. Perhaps thats why they planted it full to bursting of poppies, cornflowers and yellow daisies. Its like a Mr Potato-Head-Play-Doh apparition…a rounded green hump with a mass of sprouting crimson. This roundabout I’m talking about is right near the office I work at. And since its my last day here on Friday and poppies don’t last long, I thought I’d better go and get myself a little picture.

As I walked up to the roundabout,  I realised that in all the years I’ve worked here, I’ve walked around the lakes many times in my lunch break, but I’ve never walked through the carefully manicured gardens which I drive through, approaching the office, which is sad really. I always see the gardener. He’s always hard at work, tending the borders under a weeping willow or fishing out yellowed lily pad leaves from the many little ponds which teem with a life from another world.

So, I took a few pictures along the way, and wanted to share them with you. And here they are. They may not mean as much to you, as they do to me, since I took them and I know where they were taken, but still, I think they look quite pretty. Anything with sprouting green leaves is alright by me.


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