I’m trying to focus.

I really am. It’s tricky though. Everything else takes over. I’m sure you get that, right? The daily drone. Washing, ironing, clearing the dishes (at least 3 times a day). Children constantly treading on my toes whilst I’m buttering toast. ‘Mummy, can I do this?’ ‘Mummy, can I go there?’ ‘Why?’ ‘But, why?’ ‘But pleeeeeeease’. It’s not always easy. And its alot easier when you have a full nights sleep. So I’ve heard. Missed calls on my phone. Oh, I’ll call back later. Another text arrives. Beep beep. Oh, must remember to text back later. A week passes. The guilt cloud is by my knees. Chest is tight. Smiles are rare. Laughter even rarer. Must learn how to cope better. I mean, every day’s a school day. It’s not that hard, is it?

A new post is cooking in the oven that is my brain box. It’s been brewing a while, and is actually well over due. I simply need to make more time, or I shall burst. I really will. So, may I ask you to hold your breath?


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