Dear Lovebird Blog

Dear Blog.

I was just doing a leeeeetle bit of random half-past-ten-I-should-be-thinking-about-going-to-bed interweb surfing, and I went on one of my favourite blog sites, Gennine’s Art Blog. From there, I searched for a book on quite a popular site of the name of a major river running through Brazil, by Carla Sonheim about drawing, but came across another of her books about journalling. What I read made me want to tear off the page and deliver it right to you here:

‘Because it just feels good to doodle and write some things down. It’s a release of sorts. Because I love pens and playing with them. To figure out what I want to bring into my life and dream about how it could come about. To organise my thoughts, especially of things I need to do – a pretty to-do list. Because its an ongoing way to play in art. Playing in a way that doesn’t focus on results.’

That’s it. C’est moi. La-bas. Just wanted to let you know.




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