Frank Friday Fun

It’s Friday. It’s a day for some lighthearted loveliness. Since we’re in the midst of a whole lot of decorating, making our house the home we can all grow old together in, is top of our list. Inside and out. So, here are a few things I’ve been looking at recently, which I wanted to share with you, my lovely reader.

Beastly Chronicles Wallpaper

Designed by Emma Molony, the ‘Beastly Chronicles’ wallpaper features several short stories by Edwardian novelist Saki (H.H. Munro) inspired from his childhood in North Devon. The main house is based on the actual house that Saki lived in with his siblings and two aunts in Pilton, Devon. The stories featured in the paper are Gabriel-Ernest, Esme, The Storyteller, The Cobweb, The Music on the Hill, Sredni Vashtar and Tobermory.

Grow Height Chart

Screen printed and lovingly printed in England, this chart marks heights using leafy branches, birdies and butterflies. Most delightful.

Susanna Salk’s Connecticut Lake House

Nestled next to Lake Wagamaug in Connecticut, Susanna Salk turned this granny-pad into a luscious haven. This bedroom is so cosy.

Old School Wall Clock

This would look perfect in our kitchen. Bet those children who used to stare at this clock every day at school never imagined people would go nuts for something like this in their home.

Cloud Wall Mirror

From Graham & Green, a dead cert for anything special. You just know when something is perfect for a space. And this is.

ByGraziela Cot bumper

I used to a bit anti-cot-bumper, for safety reasons, but now our boy is 19 months, and is constantly waking himself up by throwing himself against the bars of his cot, this may solve another little sleeping problem.

iPad Covers from iSocket

I don’t have an iPad. I think it’d be nice to have one. If I did, I think I’d also quite like one of these little beauties. (I found these courtesy of a new Blog find Piewacket)

Book Band & Pen Holder from Present & Correct

Pile up your books, keep them neat and never go without a pen.

Rollfast Bicycles Signage

Original 1940’s metal advertising sign for Rollfast Bicycles from Three Potato Four. Pricey at $695.

And finally…..

A bracelet I made earlier in the week. (I took this picture literally seconds before my son pinged the bracelet apart all over the floor.)

Happy weekend friends!


2 thoughts on “Frank Friday Fun

  1. Miss Manthorp had that clock on the wall of the upstairs studio! And I’m off to buy an Ipad JUST so I can have one of those cosy tartan cases for it – they’re fab!!! Keep posting the lovely things – they make me smile! :o)))))

    • She didn’t?! I wasn’t paying attention obviously. Those ‘knowing is not good enough. its doing that counts’ signs had great impact. Let me know if its worth investing in an iPad. I’m not at all green with envy.

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