A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

I know my blog is a bit of a funny one to some people. Some people get it, some people don’t. Some people don’t like it, thats clear. Others do. There are some people who don’t even acknowledge I have a blog, even if I mention it in passing conversation. There are people who have been inspired to start their own blogs. There are people who I would like to share my excitement with about my blog, but can’t. But to me, it makes sense. It’s like a very little bit of me in a very big world. I get secretly excited when I’m thinking up my next post. I get even more excited to read peoples comments they leave. Its a modest selection of my thoughts, which I want to share with other people. I only share the bits I want to share because of course, there are many other things I wouldn’t dream of writing about.

Naturally, the comments I receive which aren’t the ones I would like to hear, play on my mind. I wouldn’t be thinking out loud here if they didn’t. Thankfully, none of the comments I’ve received so far have upset me enough to want to abandon writing here. However, depending on what I’d like to write about, they do make me think twice about posting. And actually, even that’s wrong. I tell myself, if people don’t like it, they don’t have to read it. Thats probably why, with some people, it doesn’t get brought up in conversation, because they would feel uncomfortable having to talk about it with me, because actually, they don’t like it. This is the very reason I’ve tried to make a point of not talking about it with many people, which isn’t easy, because its something I a feel quite attached to, as I’m sure its obvious. I think, in fact, there are only four people who I feel totally at ease with in talking about my blog. One of those people is the person who I had alot of conversation with before I started writing it, debating or not whether to do it. We talked about it for a few weeks, as I remember, and then one day, she put a different spin on it, which made complete sense to me and that was the turning point. She’s also the person who nominated me for the Dorset Cereal Little Blog Awards. It was a huge compliment to me.

The closing date for the award was yesterday and sadly, I wasn’t glorious in winning the Little Blog Award. I didn’t expect to, in all honesty. But I liked being part of it. There were some other really comprehensive sites which had also been nominated. They looked like they had been established alot longer than I have, with many more followers, so I’m quite sure they deserved the recognition more than me. (Thank you to all of you who voted for me…you made my day!)


4 thoughts on “A pinch and a punch for the first of the month

  1. Well i love,love your blog,look forward to reading the next one always. You are a very talented young lady! Keep up the great work, love me xx

  2. Hey Vicki, I love your blog and your writing :)! Please don’t even think of stopping. It’s been a while since we last met/spoke 🙂 and it has been great getting reacquainted with you via the written word :D. You know, (it’s a small thing but) just the other day I opened my Paris Guidebook and in it was a charming handwritten note from you to Niranjan and me recommending all the things to do in Paris that were very personal and special to you and you thought we’d enjoy. It did make our trip very special. I guess sometimes we just can’t imagine the impact we leave on the lives of people we meet and it’s great to be back in touch. Hope you’re very well love.
    Aneesha xx

  3. Vic, Hon, your blog is beautiful. I love reading it. The very fact that people comment (whether positive or negative) is testament to the fact that they’ve read your words, and thought about them enough to have an opinion. That can only be a good thing. Your blog is a manifestation of the wonderful thing our ancestors have fought for over generations: the right to freedom of expression, which you are using in a beautiful, gentle and kind way. Not everyone has that right. Not everyone who has that right uses it. Not everyone who uses that right uses it wisely. You have the generosity of spirit to share your thoughts with the world. In doing so, you give your readers a gift that is priceless. In life there will always be those who agree with us, and those who disagree; those who understand us and those who misunderstand; those who show us compassion and those who simply cannot empathise. Never think twice about what you want to write, and never lose the desire to share your thoughts: they are like golddust – precious and fleeting.
    In short – keep it up, and enjoy every second of it!
    Much love,
    Sarah xxxx

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