You know it’s September when…

…the sky changes from light to dark just like that! Its happening already and it’s only September 3rd. And, yessssss. I’ve seen Christmas merchandise in the shops. Yes, people. You did hear me right. In. The Shops. My Godfathers, as someone I used to work with used to say.

One minute it was like this. Ta-da! (*see above). The next, it was pitch black. Thank goodness I’d just finished my latest little gift, for a wedding we’re going to tomorrow.

Some special friends of ours are getting married tomorrow and I wanted to make them something. I was asked to make their wedding stationery, and unfortunately, the timing was all wrong, so I wasn’t able to. I was a bit annoyed with myself for not doing them, but I made the right decision. We were just too busy. So, to try and make up for it, I’ve just finished this hand drawn framed picture.

I have to admit it was a bit of an experiment, as I used my new Letraset markers I got on sale yesterday to create the colour. I haven’t used markers since University (like, 13 years ago) so I was a bit anxious last night when I’d put the colour on, because in all honesty, I thought my four year old would have done a better job. When I got up this morning, I came and checked straight away, and actually, it wasn’t as bad as I thought. I played around a little bit more with it, layering the colour, adding some light and, although I’m not 100% happy, its good enough. (I’m rarely happy with what I do, so I’m not just giving away a substandard piece of work). Plus, I have no more time.

The piece is themed on song lyrics which my friend used to sing when she got together with her husband-to-be-in-the-morning. She sang it all the time. AAAAAllll. The time. There’s two little birds chittering, sitting on some of the letters. Thats them. And the heart holds their initials within it. Oh yes, and the lyrics which are in pink, should hopefully be obvious as to their meaning. I hope they like it. That nerve-wracking moment of handing something over you’ve created from scratch is always terrifying.

My next project is a framed picture for my friends little boys 2nd birthday. Eek. The skates are on.


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