Autumn : A Small Visual Encounter

This afternoon, Little Man T and myself went blackberry picking. Again. This time, there were plenty more of these jewels peeking out of the hedgerow than last time. I have to tell myself to stop picking blackberries. I become a little bit obsessed. Any glimpse of a shiny, almost black, juicy heavy berry and my reaction is like an Olympian runner off the start line. When we returned home, I picked a few pears off the tree in the garden, steamed them with a sniff of cinnamon and gently heated a handful of berries with a little water and a heavy spoonful of sugar, until they were syrupy. Served together, still warm, they’re juicy, sweet and comforting.

Also whilst we were out, I managed to take a few quick pictures in the churchyard opposite our home. I’m no photographer, however on looking at them on my computer this evening, some of them were quite surprising. The colours, textures and shapes, I think, are just lovely. See what you think.

This last image is my favourite. When you’re actually stood under the canopy of this pine tree, its like being under a blanket. And I think this shade of green has to be one of my favourites.

(*Thank you to you, and you, and you, and to everyone who visits my blog. I reached 3,000 hits today, which since March, for lil’ ol’ me, means something. I hope you return.)


3 thoughts on “Autumn : A Small Visual Encounter

  1. also been foraging for sloes to make sloe gin. And found out how to make blackberry gin or vodka!
    More picking to be done me thinks!

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