Snip. Cut. Glue. Stick.

When I was very young, one of my favourite pastimes was cutting, sticking, sellotaping, stapling and colouring in bits of paper. On the rare occasion my dad would take my sister and I into work on a Saturday, after filling an A4 envelope with melon flavoured chewy sweets from the packaging machinery factory for us as a treat, he would settle us in his office with paper, pens and sellotape. Of course, after trying out his wheelie, spinning desk chair, we would then happily sit and cut and stick whilst he got on with whatever business he needed to. My most favourite masterpiece to make was a folder for whatever ‘club’ I was in at the time. The Licorice Allsorts Club was one. Not because we liked the sweets, but because we did allsorts. Genius. We even made ourselves badges with licorice allsorts drawn all over them. As for the folder, I would stick two pieces of paper together, down three sides. Or for extra rigour, I would also staple over the tape. Obviously, that was in case I had reams of club paperwork to put into my folder. I would also create little pockets on the front of my folder, one large pocket, with a small pocket over the top. Then, it was time to decorate it. If I was at home, the, what seemed like it was a metre long, rainbow pack of felt tip pens would come out. If we were at work with dad, it would be highlighters. Whatever the case, my eyes would have looked strangely bulbous, with a crazed, wild look in my eye and my heart would start to race at the prospect of all the forthcoming colouring in and bubble-writing I could draw.

These days, I still love cutting, sticking and colouring in, but hopefully, on a slightly more sophisticated level (although thats subject to opinion). Here are some of the mini-projects I’ve been working on the last couple of weeks.

A Wedding Anniversary Card

A New Baby Card

A Birthday Card for a one year old little girl

A Pregnancy Celebration Card – ‘There’s a New Bunny Coming To Town’

A Mothers Birthday Card

A Thinking Of You Card

A Birthday Robot


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