Twitter = It’s Not All “What I Had For Dinner….’

Twitter. It’s a funny little gremlin. Lots of people loathe it. Others love it. I’m a lover. Not a loather. The beauty of it is that you can create your own little world of friends within it. You surround yourself with people  you want to be surrounded by. Different industry specialists. Stephen Fry. Friends. The Dalai Lama. (I know….it can’t actually be him tweeting from his temple. It must be another brother. But I like to think there’s a little chance.) You become immersed in that world that you made, which is a strange feeling. The moment you close the ‘Twitter’ browser window, that world is gone. Until you type those letters into the address bar once again….h.t.t.p.:././.w.w.w.twitt…….and then…whoosh……20 new messages…..What’s been going on….? What have I missed? Well actually, you don’t miss out on anything….you scroll down, and you read what your world has been talking about in your absence. You don’t even need to be involved. You can simply sit back, and take in what everyone else is talking about. For me though, I like to feel involved. It makes you feel more part of the world you’ve nurtured from your first tweet. I also feel inspired and motivated by what others share. What books people have illustrated. What they’re working on. What’s in their sketch book. Its amazing. What other way would we be let into other peoples worlds, whom we’ve never met and probably will never meet. You wouldn’t. It just wouldn’t happen. I’ve thrown my arms around the Twitter-gremlin. Its my friend and I’m staying a while.

Which leads me nicely onto Carys of Carys Ink. She’s an illustrator, based in Bristol and by following her, I won a little giveaway she was holding. This is a bonus for three reasons. 1) I get to see the work of another amazing illustrator. b)  I won a pack of 9 nicely-printed, beautifully drawn notecards/postcards, which dropped through the door on Saturday morning. 4) I received something in the mail that wasn’t a bill and wasn’t addressed ‘To Someone Who Cares’ for the ‘Save The Worm’ charity.

So I wanted to show you. Because when I won, I got excited. And when I opened the envelope, they made me smile. And I knew you’d like to share my childish enthusiasm.

Thanks Carys, you a doll. (And no, that’s not a typo. I’m saying it in my New Orleans dialect. Obviously.)


2 thoughts on “Twitter = It’s Not All “What I Had For Dinner….’

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely card so glad i asked you.
    Am loving your blog and your swap gifts are equally as beautifull as the ones, you sent. I have brought Gregor a collection of books for his present
    have you any ideas for where i can get nice labels to go inside so we can write name and date.

    Regards chantelle x

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