Greetings Cards & Bespoke Gifts

Did you notice the two new pages on this site? No. I wouldn’t have done either. Which is why I thought I’d let you know right here. If you click on the button at the top of the page ‘Social Stationery’, you’ll see what I’ve been working on lately. And if you click on ‘Bespoke Gifts’, you’ll see the one lonesome picture I finished the other day. There’ll be more to come. All in good time.


2 thoughts on “Greetings Cards & Bespoke Gifts

  1. I did notice, I did, I did! I just haven’t got round to writing to you yet to say “WOW”! I love the cards. In fact I’d like to order some from you, but I’ll e-mail you about that separately, and I’d love you to design a little card for me to use for my jewellery projects… planning a pre-Christmas jewellery sales-drive, and some little cards to put in packages with pretty things would be lovely…. Are you skypable??? Could skype over the weekend to discuss??? xxxx

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