The Secret Tea Party Illustration Swap

Dear You,

How are you?  Have you been up to much lately? I’ve just got back from a short break away to Norfolk, with my little family. It was alot of fun and relaxing came quite easily this time around. I think its because I don’t work in an office anymore. My stress levels are minimal, so winding down doesn’t take as long. Office work sucks. It really does. Since I haven’t worked in an office for a few months, its only when you re-enter a work place when you realise how much you truly and utterly despised it. Its amazing what we carry on with.

The holiday was lovely. It really was. We hired bikes. We hired a boat on The Broads. We ate cake. Enough to last until the end of November, at least. Our campervan got stuck in the mud. We had to be towed out. We went on a steam train along the coast. We went to Bewilderwood. We ate chips.

However. While we were away, a parcel had been delivered for me, in my absence. I was expecting it, which made it slightly frustrating, because I had some idea of the type of thing which might be inside it. Earlier in October, I signed up to The Secret Tea Party Illustration Swap. I was paired with Danielle Andrews, who, at the time, I knew nothing of, except her address. Until I opened up this box.

I couldn’t believe my swap partners generosity. Every little item had been packaged, carefully and methodically. Every drawing had been crafted by Danielle (I think she’s a whizz with ink). And then, to top it off, Danielle had drawn a portrait of Bella from Twilight. For those of you who don’t know, my nickname is Bella. My maiden name was Bell. Two extremely good friends named me Bella and the name stuck. As a bit of an alias, I still use this name, but I had told Danielle my actual true real life name. As a joke, she had said she would draw a portrait of Bella from Twilight. I thought it was a joke. Obviously not. I was quite taken aback. With another twist, before I picked up the parcel on Monday, we watched Twilight on DVD for the first time on Sunday night. So, you can imagine it was quite an odd feeling seeing this portrait within the parcel just the next morning. And very nicely done too, I’m sure you will agree. (Thank you again, Miss Andrew-s.)

If you’d like to see what I sent Danielle, you can visit her blog here where she wrote a very kind post about my parcel to her.

Thats all from me. Please write back soon. It’d be good to hear from you.

Love Me


4 thoughts on “The Secret Tea Party Illustration Swap

  1. Hey! Ooh It is strange seeing my box with you!

    I’d forgotten half of what I’d put in there!

    I’m so glad you like it, I had so much fun putting it together, and it’s lovely to have met you like this!

    Your package was amazing!

    I’m glad my stuff has such a good home!


    Dee xxx

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