December. A month of maniacs.

I don’t know about you, but from the middle of December, all panic sets in. Ten years ago, it was Christmas Eve when that happened to me. Not going to work every day does make it easier, of course, since I have more time to consider how many baubles we should hang on our tree, or should I use brown or patterned wrapping paper for our gifts. Actually, I don’t think like that. I just see how I feel. The problem is though, that you get things done for everyone else, and then there’s no time for your own things. Like, I haven’t even thought of a design for my own Christmas Cards yet. How lame is that. This week will be the week though. I haven’t even started my Sketchbook Project which is due January 15th. I don’t want to rush it but ordering it late is my fault, so no one to blame but me.

I find people turn into maniacs in December. Its a month of rushing about, and stressing, for a couple of days of applying food to ones face (thats a Nigella-ism that I’ve borrowed – thanks Nig). Don’t get me wrong, I do love it. Even more so now our children a little bit older. Its just other people, with their crazed looks in their eyes and their internal monologue failing drastically. I don’t need to know where you have to get your bits and bobs from to sew onto a nativity costume, I really don’t. Oh dear, I do sound mean, but it has to come out somehow. Ok. What would the Dalai Lama do? Of course, he’d be patient and kind and sympathetic. Ok. That’s what I’ll do. I can do that.

I haven’t got alot to show for the last few weeks. The winter weather is tiring and early nights have been slightly more necessary than making, otherwise I feel like a granny (which I imagine feels stiff, slow but always smelling of roses). For now, here are a couple of cards I made.

By the way, do you like the snow? (Its chaos-free snow. Very spesh)


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