Botanical Inspiration

Achillea Terracotta

Bleeding Heart

Aquilegia Vulgaris

Gossypillium Hirsutum

Salix Fragilis

Sanguisorba Officinalis Tanna

Willow Herb Seed Head

Thalictrum Delavayi

Cotinus Coggygria

In a spare half hour earlier this week, I decided I would spend those golden minutes at the library. I originally intended on sketching for that time, but instead I picked up a hefty wodge of books and got a bit lost in them. Actually, I think my little trip turned out quite well, as its provided me with a new wave of inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Botanical Inspiration

  1. Stunning photos of some of my fave plants – grow most of them in my garden, the cotinus makes the most gorgeous foliage for bouquets. Looking forward to seeing how they inspire your art!x

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