My real name is Victoria. I’m not actually the ornithological version of Stephen Hawking. I’m called Bella to many people, because my last name used to be Bell. Not because I’m ‘bella’.

I’m turning 32 in November this year.

I’ve been married for three years.

I like listening to modern folk, modern country. When the mood takes me, I like a bit of Radio One, but mostly Radio Four. I know what you’re thinking.

When I was 14, Snoop Doggy Dog was my artist of choice.

I painted a portrait of Will Smith when I was 15.

I make quite yummy Friday night nachos. Which go nicely with a Corona and slice of lime and my husband.

I’ve been trying to find my artistic style since I left work in July, to become a full-time mum. So far, it seems to be leaves and trees, patterns of nature and anything child-related and bright.

I love to bake. More than cooking. My favourite thing to bake is Double Chocolate Cookies from the Hummingbird Bakery Book. I’m not a massive chocolate fan, but these chewy black delights are enough to turn any chocolate-hater.

I love buying and owning books. I’ll get around to reading them all one day but I’m not doing so badly.

I am frequently surprised about the obvious things I do not know. Like, post codes. Only by watching a childrens programme the other day, did I know they’re read by a machine. Why did I not know this? But then, I could tell you explicitly how aluminum foil is made. Don’t ask.

My favourite places in the world are:

Holkham Beach on Halloween.

Miami & Key West in October.

Fowey in April.

Balmain, Sydney.

Paris, notably Montmartre at any time of year.

America. No particular place. Just the entire country.

Armação dos Búzios. I can’t find the words to express just how much I love this place.

This blog follows my journey. There’s alot of waffle (not the eating type), but hopefully alot more design and illustration, which to be honest, is my one true passion. There’s no getting away from it. No siree.

Thanks for stopping by and reading what I write. It’s nice to have you around.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. I’ve just found your blog in searching for some ideas for a more unusual wedding acceptance card – I think it’s absolutely great, I love your designs, they are truly inspiring. Keep up the good work – you make me want to get a notebook out and have a go!

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