Spring has almost sprung.

My favourite time of year is Spring. Its full of the promise of longer days, long, warm evenings and an almost permanent smile on my face. Its also that time of year when those little multi-coloured buds burst open from their pods….of course I mean blooming flowers!

Some pages from my Moleskine sketchbook I’ve been working on the last few days.

I think my favourite is the Lotus flower, the last drawing.

(P.S We just booked our holiday for the Easter break. We’re going to Polruan near Fowey in Cornwall again. We’re very excited!)


Botanical Inspiration

Achillea Terracotta

Bleeding Heart

Aquilegia Vulgaris

Gossypillium Hirsutum

Salix Fragilis

Sanguisorba Officinalis Tanna

Willow Herb Seed Head

Thalictrum Delavayi

Cotinus Coggygria

In a spare half hour earlier this week, I decided I would spend those golden minutes at the library. I originally intended on sketching for that time, but instead I picked up a hefty wodge of books and got a bit lost in them. Actually, I think my little trip turned out quite well, as its provided me with a new wave of inspiration.

Hellebore – Before……

Here’s a draft sketch for a new painting I’ll be doing over the weekend. The light was so bad taking photos today, which is why I’ve made this image so dark. Its a bit tricky to see the outline but I thought I’d post it anyway. It’ll make a good before and after piece.


Ink Drawing


‘Fritillaria Meleagris’ using FW Artists Acrylic Ink in Olive Green on Windsor & Newton Cold Pressed 190gsm watercolour paper.

Sketchbook Project

In the middle of November, I made a split-second decision after seeing a tweet from The Art House Co-Op, for the deadline to sign up at midnight that night, to sign up to the Sketchbook Project. I’m very behind, and it’ll be submitted late (I was unwell throughout December) however, I still hope to submit it – I can’t let myself not submit it! (Although it feels a huge shame to send away so much work which I won’t get back. At least it will be in the Brooklyn Art Library.)

These are a few of the pages I’ve been working on the last few days.

Autumn. The British Way.

The farm we wanted to visit was closed on Tuesday. So instead, we ventured into the countryside for a little wander. Here are some of the autumn colours we experienced. Autumn in England. Perfect. Hope you enjoy. We did.