M is for make.

Now Molly is made, I can move onto my next sewing project. Since receiving Lotta Jansdotter’s Simple Sewing, I have been quite excited about making something from it.

To begin with, I wanted to find some pretty fabric. It turns out I’m a little fussy over what I like, so I ended up going through a number of fabric websites, not finding anything suitable. But then, I stumbled upon M Is For Make. I found something perfect straightaway. Two days later, this little bundle arrived. As a customer (and a female), it makes a difference receiving something with a ribbon and a label on it. It’s a finishing touch, which someone didn’t have to go to the effort to do, but did. That’s why its so lovely. And thats why I wanted to show you the fabric and also mention Kate from M Is For Make.

I can’t tell you what I’m making yet, because its a gift for a friend. Once I have made it, I shall share the results here with you, if you like.