Hannah Nunn & Her Papercut Lamps

Hannah is a designer/maker of lamps and shades and owner of Radiance, a lighting and craft boutique in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, U.K.

At the beginning of March, my lovely new blog-friend, Hannah Nunn, kindly featured my Frittilary on her blog. After Hannah came across my blog via Twitter, and commented on some of my posts, it was clear we both shared the same obsession. Flowers, flowers and flowers.

Hannah’s lamps are not something you would find just anywhere. Each one of them is an exquisite piece of artwork, cut intricately and perfectly from paper, inspired by the botanical world.

This Witch Hazel lamp below is my favourite. One day, I shall buy one…..one day….

You can read all about Hannah here. She’s definitely worth checking out.


Paper Pheasant

I’ve wanted to make something fairly large scale by using small paper cuts and saw an opportunity as a Christmas gift for my mum and dad. They live in the country, where its quite likely, pheasants outnumber humans in their village, so I thought these big beautiful birds would make the perfect model. Its the first time I’ve made something like this, so I’m sure there’s plenty of room for improvement. However, I don’t think I did too badly for my first attempt. See what you think…..


New Design – Wedding Acceptance Card

Hand-cut mixed media Wedding Acceptance card accompanied with a matching lined envelope.

New Design – Thank you Card

Created for someone who’s passion is cosmetics.

Hand-cut mixed media card accompanied with a matching lined envelope.

New Designs – Reindeer Gift Tags

8 Handmade Gift Tags made from 220 gsm laid champagne acid-free card stock.

Each pack of gift tags is presented in a handmade envelope, made from acid-free luxury patterned paper.

£3.00 per pack + P & P

Please leave a comment at the end of this post if you wish to place an order and I will contact you afterwards by email.


New Design – Birthday Card

Designed for a 40th birthday, this card could be used for any grown-up birthday celebration.

Hand-cut mixed media card accompanied with a matching lined envelope.