More stamp carving, inspired by Spring.

Some  bright and cheerful spring time hand carved rubber stamps. I carved these from small pencil erasers.

I’ve made these stamps a little neater since I took this photo, as the edges were a bit rough.


More Stamp Carving

I’ve carved two more stamps. I think I may be a little obsessed. As far as obsessions go, its not the worst thing in the world.

This stamp is now available to buy from my Etsy shop.

(images via Matt Denton & From Our Hearts)

I love these little stems with their matching green berries so perfectly positioned. I see them all the time in the hedgerow. I thought they’d make a perfect carving. Also available to buy in my Etsy shop.

I also thought I’d draw them into my sketchbook for The Sketchbook Project.

Butterfly, Apple & Leaf

After carving my first stamp at Christmas, I thought I would make some more so I carved three new ones last night. I created them for my Sketchbook Project.¬†‘Happy Thoughts’ is the subject I chose to illustrate. I’m always inspired by nature.

I used a variety of ink pads – a Hobbycraft pad (the apple), a Darice pad (the butterfly) and a Brilliance Ink Pad (Leaf) – my preference from this range is the Brilliance – its an archival ink, which means its colour remains bright alot longer than non-archival inks.

The apple stamp is now available to buy at my Etsy shop.

Carving Reindeers

I had a go at stamp carving last night. I think my first project was a bit ambitious however, I wanted something big and a little detailed for my Christmas cards.