10 Secrets

  1. If I could be reincarnated, I would re-enter as myself, only better. I would be that person who actually did stuff, rather than just procrastinated.
  2. I’ve been in denial most of my life about being totally and utterly smitten with food. Now I am not.
  3. I’d like to start up a local craft festival.
  4. My  most favourite place to be is sat in our garden, with my little people and my husband, in the afternoon sunshine, blowing dande-clocks, drinking Corona with a slice.
  5. I think about our honeymoon in Miami and Key West most days.
  6. If I had to re-locate, it would be to Australia. Somewhere close to the ocean, but also amidst fields and forests. The house would be wooden with a veranda and a rocking chair.
  7. I love folk music, country music and new music.
  8. I wish I was a better friend.
  9. Chris Moyles’ Geordie accent makes me laugh more than anything else I can think of.
  10. I think I’d like  to own a dog.

Round Top Farm

Images via Country Living Magazine


3 thoughts on “10 Secrets

  1. I LOVE that we are friends and you are a truely inspirational friend!! you know hun, reading some of your feelings that you dont tell of and hide away, really made me quite sad!! :’0(
    you are such a great, pretty, attractive,friendly, gorgeous, funny, witty, (….i could go on, but i dont want you to get a BIG head!! hahaa!)….. person, i had no idea that you feel that way when you go out in a group/crowd… you always look lovely and it seems with no effort at all…. i wish i could look as lovely as you do, all the time!!! keep up the good work, sugar – on this blog – i have to say that i think im now hooked!! look what has happened to me! im supposed to be hoovering and clearing up and just generally being a mummy – but im looking at your blog!!!!!!! …… wana hug??

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