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It’s been a while…

Hello? Is there anyone still there? Oh. There you are. Its me. I’m back. I’m sorry for disappearing without explanation. So very irresponsible and reckless of me. Will you forgive me? I hope, over time, you will. Let me explain.

Two weeks ago, I came down with a virus. I wasn’t at deaths door, no. However, I did feel a teensy bit sorry for myself. I was wiped out, my sprightliness had dissolved. By the end of the week, Easter bank holiday, I was recovering well. Just in time, I might add, for our spontaneous vacation to Cornwall. Phew. BUT THEN. I caught a sickness (and the other – yuck. sorry. but i’m looking for maximum sympathy here) bug. The first night away, camping, in a campervan. I know. It wasn’t much fun. Twenty-four hours later, I was alright. A little nauseous still, but able to enjoy The Eden Project. What happens next? Can you guess? Yep. You got it. Husband got the bug. Then baby boy came down with ‘something’ – who knows what. He wasn’t happy either. Baby girl sailed through. Hard as nails, she is.

Ok, yes, I’m really pushing the drama now, but to be honest, it was dramatic. It was really hard (both my eyebrows are raised and my hands are open, palms up, moving up and down in front of me).

Time to move on. We went on a little trip down to Polruan, Fowey, (pronounced ‘FOY’) for a week of lushness. The weather made it into a heavenly kingdom of sparkling bays and gently bobbing yachts. My nose was transformed from a pasty, protruding white iceberg into a golden, freckled pyramid. My feet have white V’s stencilled onto them, evidence that the mighty flip flop was ritually unveiled for the summer months. And just to make you a little bit more envious, here is the view from our campsite. I know. Lucky, weren’t we?


So, there we have it. I was off sick. Then I was off on holiday (Now do you see why I padded out this post with theatre?) But now I’m BACK…..the wheels are set in motion once again, for bigger and better. (Have I been listening to too many Party Political Broadcasts?)

Hasta luego.