‘Being Creative’ March Theme : Garden

Watercolour and Acrylic Ink on Daler Rowney Rough Aquarelle 140 lb.

This is my submission for Julia Crosslands ‘Being Creative Project’. With the theme of garden for the month of March, I liked the idea that a poppy seed head was full of promise, just like the approaching spring!

Inspired by this beautiful photograph.



Trying out some watercolour lettering…

I made this card for my oldest, loveliest friend who had a baby this week, named Lily Barbara.

Welcome to our world, Lily!

Illustration Friday :: Swarm

Swarm [swawrm] – noun

1. A body of honeybees that emigrate from a hive and fly off together, accompanied by a queen, to start a new colony.

2. A body of bees settled together, as in a hive.

3. A great number of things or persons, especially in motion.

It’s not quite a swarm, but I’m sure you get the idea.

I came across the painted background which I did last year, for a painting I wanted to do of a tree silhouette against the sunset. It was a particular tree I drove past most days. I actually didn’t get round to completing it, but since I re-found the watercolour background, I thought a little ink would look nice over it.

A Butterfly & A Toadstool – Part II

Watercolour and Acrylic Ink on Daler Rowney Rough Aquarelle 140 lb.

I was in two minds about the detail on the butterfly. I knew if I used black ink, it would make the butterfly look harder and more prominent, whereas white highlights and softens. I think the black would have been too strong in this case.

A Butterfly & A Toadstool – Part I

I started a new painting last night. I’m experimenting again. The next bit will be to add some ink detail.